I hope you enjoy my journey of thoughts about photography. 

Here is where I'll post stories and articles that I think are interesting. 

A very useful tip

I came across this tip and found it very useful for photographers that needs to share images on Facebook.

Most people don't worry about artifacts in an image, but I know there are many out there, like me, who want to show their images in the best quality possible.

It only takes a couple of steps.

Basically, upload the image in PNG format, with a maximum width of 2048px

Simple really. 

Hope this tips helps 😊


Here's the link to the article for all the fine details

For my first post....

It is such a wonderful thing to finish a project.

I've needed to update my website for a while and it has been tricky to do. Mainly because I am sailing around Alaska and internet access is patchy and extremely slow. 

So, for my first post, I would like to share an image taken in Alaska. 

This is Reid Falls in Skagway, Alaska.