Hi, welcome to my portfolio website

I was born in Australia, and have had the wonderful privilege to work all around the world. As well as being a photographer, I am also a veteran of the stage. I have worked from Opera to Theatre, and a host of genres in between.

Being in the performing industry, I have been able to see the trends in headshot photography develop over the years. Although styles have changed, from black & white to colour, portrait orientation vs landscape orientation, one thing has always been true. Your headshot must look like you. Of course, the best and appropriate version for the specific use, but you nonetheless. 

After working in New York City I came to learn that panels in auditions love clean and distraction free headshots. So I moved towards a clean, and predominantly white background, to showcase the performers. 

Plus, the best way to capture the personality in images is to have fun. When you are having a great experience, you truly allow yourself to shine. 

I have had the pleasure capturing images of people from many industries, and am always looking forward to the next photoshoot. There is something so fulfilling about being able to capture the beauty that all people posess. Witnessing each person smile when they see their images is always a wonderful experience. 

Enjoy browsing through my website, and please don't hesitate to send me an email to ask me any questions.


Wishing you all the best




I believe that there is so much in life that you have to explore. Life flies by so fast, so go out and following your curiosity.